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    2 Players Tic Tac Toe Big Eat Small Game

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    Pre-match Preparation:

    Each player chooses a cup of one color and presses the smallest to largest Set them together in sequence (3 sets for each player), and only 3 large ones are exposed. While playing Only go to the outer cup.

    Your Goal:

    Arrange your cups in a line.

    Game Rules:

    1. In order, the player can put a new cup on the stage and send it to any plate Space to move your own cup. Use the big cup on your own plate to put on a small cup (small The cup can be your own or opponent's).
    2. The newly placed cup must be placed in the space on the plate, unless the other party already has three cups Form a straight line, in this case, you can use a new cup outside the plate to cover these three of the cups.
    3. Before the end of the game, if you have put all 12 cups on the chess table You can only move the cup on the chess table.
    4. Game over: The player who arranges his cups in a line first wins. A line in a row can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.


    • 1 Set x Tic-Tac-Toe Table Game


    • As this product has more accessories, some parts/accessories are smaller, children under 3 years old Not suitable for playing, children over 3 years old need to play under the supervision of their parents to avoid choking danger.


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