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    All in One Paper Tower Dispenser

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    Product Features:

    • Built-in dispensers for plastic wrap and aluminum foil with space on top for spices.
    • Easy one hand operation provides easy access to your kitchen necessities.
    • The bottom of the bracket bar can be disassembled and is suitable for 28cm length of the paper towel.
    • Two kinds of cutter button; round cutter for tin paper or oil-absorbing paper, triangular cutter for plastic wrap.
    • Removable paper towel support holder rod, and very practical.

    Product Specifications:

    • Material: Plastic
    • Size: 39 x 10 x 24cm / 15.35 x 3.94 x 9.45inch
    • Package Weight: Approx. 792g


    Package Includes: 

    1 * Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder


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