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    Magical Car Ice Scraper

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    Want to get rid of ice on your windshield quickly?

    An icy windshield can be frustrating when you are in a rush to leave your home or office, without a proper tool you'll spend a long time trying to get the ice off your windshield. With our magical car ice scraper you'll be able to quickly and smoothly get rid of any unwanted ice and snow from your cars windshield and windows.

    The magical car ice scraper is designed to scrap and remove snow in seconds so you can leave without the worry of snow interfering with your driving vision. Simply move the magical car ice scraper in any direction and it will magically remove all the ice in one smooth swipe.

    • ¬†Scrape off large areas of ice and snow in seconds
    • ¬†The cone-shaped design enables a very good hold
    • ¬†No scratching of the window
    • ¬†The pane is defrosted in 30 seconds
    • Always have a funnel for refilling liquids with you

    • Size: 14.5x10x5.5cm

    • Material: plastic

    • Package includes: 1 x Magical Car Ice Scraper



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