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    Outdoor Misting System

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    Easy To Install & Can Be Set Up In Under 20 Minutes 

    The Misting System is perfect to have set up in your backyard or patio to cool down from the heat in the summertime, and it is also perfect for those with a garden or greenhouse who want to keep their plants and grass healthy and alive. 

    The water mister produces water mist, which will absorb heat from the outdoor surroundings in the hot summer days. Unlike any other patio mister, our system cools down outdoor areas with air temperatures up to 20℃ or 68℉


    • High Quality: Use of precision brass misting nozzle keypunch, sophisticated production, made with high-quality UV treated flexible tubing, resistant to UV up to 3.5 or more, resistant to yellowing, resistant to hydrolysis, resistant to microbial degradation.
    • Easy Assembly: This patio misting system can be assembled and have you enjoying your backyard in just minutes. It will attach to any standard outdoor faucet (3/4 inch). No special tools are required.
    • Wide Application: Misting Cooling System widely applies for a garden, Trampoline water park, landscaping, greenhouse, humidification, outdoor cooling system, epidemic prevention, spraying disinfectant, deodorant air purification, Swimming pool misting, fog cooling, and so on.
    • Turn Down the Heat: The fantastic outdoor cooling system provides a cool environment from the heat for your favourite outdoor areas, cools the surrounding air temperatures up to 20 degrees!

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    This cooling system works perfectly with regular tap water. It should be connected to the water source via slip lock connectors. It is made of strong plastic and you will be using it for many years!

    Different models vary in the number of misting nozzles, saddle clamps, and cable ties. You will easily find the size that suits your needs. The instruction manual is available with all models, so you shouldn’t have any troubles with installing the system.


    How It Works

    • Fix the misting system in the right position. The mist head is directed towards the direction you want to mist.
    • Connect the misting system connector to the garden hose (remember to install a silicone seal ring to prevent leaking).
    • Open the garden water pipe valve and start enjoying your misting system to cool down.


    How to adjust the tubing length?

    1.Pull out the tubing from the misting nozzle.

    2.Cut the tubing between the misters to shorten the mist line.

    3. Re-install the tubing to the BLUE PART of the T-joint.



    • Connect the faucet adaptor to the water tap
    • Turn on the water to rinse out the system for 1 minute
    • Screw the misting nozzles to the Tee fittings, except the last one for the end plug
    • Turn on the water to rinse out the system for 2 minutes
    • Turn off water and install the last nozzle into the end plug fitting
    • Fix the misting line with the provided saddle clamps 
    • Turn on tap slightly until mist jets are running
    • Enjoy the misting system 
    outdoor cooling mist system

      Product Specifications:

      • Material: PE Plastic
      • Nozzle Material: Brass body with stainless steel orifice
      • Nozzle Connector: Slip Lock Connector
      • Tubing: PE Tubing
      • Power Supply: Hooks up to home hose/tap water system
      • Size: Nozzle Interval: 23.62 inches (60cm)

      Package Includes:

      1 x Outdoor Misting Cooling System Set

      20ft (6m) Set:

      • 1 x 9.84ft (3m) water supply pipe
      • 1 x 9.84ft (3m) spray pipe
      • 6 x spray seats
      • 6 x nozzles
      • 1 x faucet connector 
      • 1 x plug
      • 20 x ties
      • 20 x pipe buckles

      30ft (9m) set:

      • 1 x 9.84ft (3m) water supply pipe
      • 1 x 19.69in (6m) spray pipe
      • 11 x spray seats
      • 11 x nozzles
      • 1 x faucet connector
      • 1 x plug
      • 30 x ties
      • 30 x pipe buckles

      40ft (12m) set: 

      • 1 x 9.84ft (3m) water supply pipe
      • 1 x 29.53ft (9m) spray pipe
      • 16 x spray seats
      • 16 x nozzles
      • 1 x faucet connector
      • 1 x plug
      • 40 x ties
      • 40 x pipe buckles

      50ft (15m) set: 

      • 1 x 9.84ft (3m) water supply pipe
      • 1 x 39.37ft (12m) spray pipe
      • 21 x spray seats
      • 21 x nozzles
      • 1 x faucet connector
      • 1 x plug
      • 50 x ties
      • 50 x pipe buckles

      60ft (18m) set:

      • 1 x 9.84ft (3m) water supply pipe
      • 1 x 49.21ft (15m) spray pipe
      • 26 x spray seats
      • 26 x nozzles
      • 1 x faucet connector
      • 1 x plug
      • 60 x ties
      • 60 x pipe buckles


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