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    Universal Anti-theft Car Steering Wheel Lock

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    The Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar doesn't pry away from thieves. It's invented to prevent thieves from easily hijacking cars. It has a durable, exceptional heavy-duty locking device.

    ✔️ Savvy Design
    ✔️ Anti-Pick Locks
    ✔️ Saw Proof
    ✔️ Shatterproof
    ✔️ Hardwearing
    ✔️ Anti-tamper
    ✔️ Steering Wheel Immobilizer

    This Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar can efficiently secure cars from being stolen. It's a heavy-duty locking device to immobilize the steering wheels from turning readily. Furthermore, it has a unique lock design that can't be copied easily. Lastly, it's made of durable rigid metals, so thieves will very much have difficulty figuring how to split this bar.


    • All-Inclusive Versatility - This Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar can suit a wide range of steering wheels. It has a spatial relation design without any limitation of steering wheel sizes. Also, it has protective pads to cause no damage to any steering wheel.
    • Effortless Setup & Extraction - This Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar can easily be attached and removed from the steering wheel in less than 5 seconds. Just place it to the desired locking position, press the push-button latch then it's good to go.

    • Toughly Built - This Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar was made of a high-quality solid Aluminum Alloy material heavily diecast fused with a high-grade barrel lock design to stand strangely powerful unlocking of the device.
    • Compact Design - This Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar has a tight design for the convenience of storing and handling.


    • Material: Aluminum Alloy
    • Size: 15" x 7" x 2"


    • 1 x Car Steering Wheel Lock Bar
    • 2 x Cylinder Keys


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