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    Universal Zipper Instant Fix Repair

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    Zipper broken? No problem! With this easy-to-use Fix zipper you can repair split zippers, broken sliders and up to three missing zipper teeth! For jeans, pants, coats and more.


    •  DURABLE & PRACTICAL – Universal Sizes. Works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders and up to 3 missing teeth. It fits for jeans, skirts, golf duffle bags, sleeping bags, purses, jackets, suitcases, tents, etc.
    •  A VARIETY SIZES OF ZIPS – Containing a variety sizes of zips you are sure to find the perfect match to carry out a repair.
    • SAFE MATERIALS – Made of nylon plastic and stainless Steel. BPA free and free from any other harmful and toxic chemicals.
    • MODERN DESIGN – Can be started in the middle of a zipper, zips forward and backwards. Easy to install. No tools required. 
    • Do it yourself- No sewing required either. Heavy-duty construction allows for the zipper to last a long time without wear.


    • Material:  Metal
    • Size: 1.3 × 3.6 × 1.1 cm (L) / 1.1 × 3.4 × 1 (M) / 1 × 2.8 × 0.85 cm (S).


    • 2x Small Instant Zipper 
    • 2x Medium Instant Zipper 
    • 2x Large Instant Zipper 


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